Welcome on Enjoy your diet!

This blog was created to share with other on-the-go people the idea how to enjoy healthy lifestyle.


Here you can find a lot of different recpies

As a graduate of agricultural biotechnology I’m freak of natural and home-made products.


In my recipes I trying to use natural ingredients

I hate spend long hours in the kitchen, but I do SPORT and love eat… eat a healthy stuff, so if you do the same I hope you will find here a lot of usefull tips how to make daily duties easier.


Sport is a great addition to diet

It is based on simple recipes for those who want to have something quickly without much effort and hopefully in the same time it will be pinch of inspiration for those who like food experiments.


You don’t have to spend too much time in kitchen

Look up for receipes for packed lunches which your coworkers will envy you… as well as for party-snacks and sweetes which allow you to “reward yourself”.


Remember about rewarding yourself

So go ahead and enjoy your diet with me!