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Recently I realized how long I haven’t visited “Enjoy”, so I decided to explain you the reason of my absence.

First of all thank you all guys for such nice comments and e-mails I received so far. It’s insanely rewarding to know that someone takes adventage of my website. I’m glad you like the content and general layout as well.

Many of you asked if I’m planning to add some videos in the future, that’s why I feel even more motivated to develop yt channel.

But comming up to the point, I stoped working on enjoy last times, since I have been doing proffesional course and ended up sharing my time between work, school and close friends, and replacing my lunch boxes with diet catering.

I prepared list of foods, that help me to survive intensive time. I believe reasonable diet is able to boost brain to absorb plenty of precious knowledge.

brain food

Oily fishsource of omega-3 which builds brain cells.

Nuts another source of omega-3 and vitamin E which keep brain cells from damage.

Dark chocolatecacao flavonoids have magical power to convince neurons to grow in parts of brain in charge of memory.

Whole grains contain vitamin E. Check out my receipe

Berries contain flavonoids that make communication between brain cells faster.

Peanuts source of unsaturated fats and protein which keep your energy level high all day long. Check out my receipe

Eggs source of B’s vitamins that prevent brain shrinkage.

Broccolirich in vitamin C and flavonoids, which are positively influencing brain cells. Check out my receipe

Coffee. It’s not only the best way to wake up, but also it prevents many brain diseases. Check out my receipe

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