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Recently I realized how long I haven’t visited “Enjoy”, so I decided to explain you the reason of my absence.

First of all thank you all guys for such nice comments and e-mails I received so far. It’s insanely rewarding to know that someone takes adventage of my website. I’m glad you like the content and general layout as well.

Many of you asked if I’m planning to add some videos in the future, that’s why I feel even more motivated to develop yt channel.

But comming up to the point, I stoped working on enjoy last times, since I have been doing proffesional course and ended up sharing my time between work, school and close friends, and replacing my lunch boxes with diet catering.

I prepared list of foods, that help me to survive intensive time. I believe reasonable diet is able to boost brain to absorb plenty of precious knowledge.

brain food

Oily fishsource of omega-3 which builds brain cells.

Nuts another source of omega-3 and vitamin E which keep brain cells from damage.

Dark chocolatecacao flavonoids have magical power to convince neurons to grow in parts of brain in charge of memory.

Whole grains contain vitamin E. Check out my receipe

Berries contain flavonoids that make communication between brain cells faster.

Peanuts source of unsaturated fats and protein which keep your energy level high all day long. Check out my receipe

Eggs source of B’s vitamins that prevent brain shrinkage.

Broccolirich in vitamin C and flavonoids, which are positively influencing brain cells. Check out my receipe

Coffee. It’s not only the best way to wake up, but also it prevents many brain diseases. Check out my receipe

When I started running?

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Two years ago It was impossible to convince me to run in a group. Technically even today I hate imposing me the pace by other runners. I had fallen in love with running after moving to Tricity. And when I had convinced myself to run in city running with huge group of people it became my passion (almost as big as swimming).
In the past my low blood pressure was nuisance for me, but thanks to running and improving lung efficiency I got rid of discomfort.
How to start running?
The best advice I’ve ever heard from my runner-friend is the FARTLEK
The same thesis confirmed Jeff Galloway in his book (Mental training for runners).

Mental training for runners

Galloway has created his own method based on fartlek, which is a perfect way either to get loving running or start to run after long break. The matter is to gradually getting out from comfort zone and slowly substitute walking by running. In the same way advanced runners prepare themselfs to marathons. The conclusion is: if you still don’t run you can soon finish marathon anyway!

Here you have couple tips from Galloway book which I consider as the most useful:

1. Food „Good level of sugar in blood=motivation”. If you train at the morning a one cup of coffee can be enough but if you feel you need increase sugar level it’s recommended to eat a light snack composed from carbohydratates and proteins in proportion 80/20 and drink a small glass of water. HERE is my idea for a before-training snack.

training snack
2. How to start after work? Get your sport outfit ready to change clothes directly after coming back home, eat a light snack, get out of home, cross the street, start walking and eventually running 🙂

3. Training diary – I use Endomondo. Progress, finished distances, burned calories – all of them are great motivation.

4. How to burn fat? Here G. reccommends fartlek or a slow running. During a long activity your oranism burn fat, not only glicogen stored in muscles. Moreover this kind of run rarely results in contusions and is more fun because it doesn’t force your body to tough effort in a short time but organises it equally.

5. Before the start in running event: Do not eat anything heavy the day before. If you can’t fall asleep in the night before – don’t worry it doesn’t affect your efficiency, and definitely you will totally wake up durring training. Directly before the run – eat a light breakfast and drink one cup of beverage.

warming up before the run
6. Celebrate: After each event celebrate with friends and family. Personally I add sauna and swimming the day after.


In his book I’ve read a great story about some sicky woman whose doctor recommended walking to increase her immunity. She very quickly noticed improvement of her condition and started training a running. She eventually finished marathon in Oregon in 85 age (Mavis Lindgren – you are my biggest inspiration!)

After my last run in Gdynia in my head poped up new dream: New York Marathon, that’s why I came back to Galloway’s book and now I plan to prepare myself in a few upcoming years to accomplish that! 🙂

Treat yourself! Icelandic weekend

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Upon last year I’ve been highly motivated to focus on new projects at work, thus I didn’t leave off for more than 3 days. Therefore I even more appreciate short trips which help me recharge my batteries, and what I really need for reset myself are: active outdoor leisure and brand new experiences.

The Icelandic weekend was exactly a such reset time.



I recommend to stop by in The Blue Lagoon during staing around Reykjavik. This is the most popular SPA on Iceland where travel tourists from all over the World and I definitely can say that it is worth its price. Moreover advertising videos and photos of Blue Lagoon  don’t show a real brilliance of that place (even thoug they look like improved in photoshop). Briefly The Blue Lagoon is geothermal water complex rich in minerals which influence on skin is visible directly after bath. Additionally they offer varius face masks, we have tried silica mud mask (totally awsome). It was perfect time for relaxation especially after our flight from quite warm (as for the autumn) Tricity to frosty and windy Reykjavik. Just imagine how pleasant is dipping in 40 degrees C water when at the same time outdoor is freezing. We were even more impressed by romantic lights and natural rocks surrounding a whole area!

(*Tip: GoPro would be usefull for taking photos- our Iphons died becouse of low temperature)


I can definitely reccomend to see The Golden Circle:

1.The Gulfoss Waterfall
2. Geysir Geothermal Area
3.Thingvellir – National Park which is listed on UNESCO as the place of  link two tectonic layers Euroasiatic and Northern American

And for those who don’t like wild nature – Reykjavik, which is a lovely city full of the Vikings and other scandinavian accents 🙂

Apart from beutiful places which gave us new sight on wild nature, like tectonic layers, countless waterfalls, geysers and volcano deserts, our highly set goal was trying local cuisines. The first point of our trip was supermarket-haunting for whale meat (Iceland is one of three contries where purchase of whale is allowed). Common whale preperation was great final of the full of a positive experience day.

The idea how to prepare whale you can find here 🙂 or if you arent’t going to Iceland you can substitude whale by either beaf or pork.

In the Blue Lagoon we had opportunity to try typical icelandic smoothie based on skyr. I think it’s also a great idea for packed lunch.


We also couldn’t resist try of a Clinton’s favourite hot-dogs. Although this is just a junk-food, I didn’t feel guilty at all, thanks to awarness of who was the customer of this small stall. Anyway… just take a look on this queue!  🙂

Of course we couldn’t forget about shark meat. Due to toxicity of the shark it is processed by putrefaction, hence I do not recommend open it in public places and if you wanna try – get ready some strong alcohol at hand (it definitely doesn’t have beautiful fragrance).


And finally the most important point – aurora haunting! We caught it! 🙂

Water yourself

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Popular slogans, persuade to proper hydration are not just a marketing commercial.
As our bodies consist mostly of water, it is the main environment of all biological processes.

I always start the day with a glass of water and it accompanies me throughout the day at work or on a journey.

glass of water


Here’s why water is so important in daily life:

1. Water affects not only our physical condition, but also a good mood and a beautiful appearance by leaching toxins out of the body.

2. Above all, thanks to the drinking of water, we refrain from filling the stomach with unhealthy snacks, the water also speeds up our metabolism
and helps in the digestion and assimilation of valuable ingredients from food.

3. Appropriate hydration improves the condition of the skin, gives it a firm and healthy color.

4. Providing too little water causes gathering it in the body (collecting water is a defensive reaction) so that our body becomes swollen.

5. The right amount of water improves the ability to concentrate, because proper hydration of the brain improves the functioning of nerve cells.

Cheers and water yourself! 🙂

water yourself

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