I love small cookies served to every coffee which rescue my sugar level immediately after lunch. That’s why I spontaneously prepared them up to 60 and decided to give out in the office. Fine- this time I spent more time in the kitchen than I expected, but you can believe me that it was worth it 😀

That's the result - mine butter bookies

That’s the result – mine butter cookiess


1.Mix all the ingredients by kneading the dough by hand. At the beginning, it will not be easy, but if you make a dough persistently, it will take on a plastic consistency.

butter dough

That’s mine baby cookies – without colors 😉

2.Form small dough balls.

3.Wrap them in crystal sugar (I used brown decor sugar).

dough ball

Adding some brown sugar as decoration

4.Press them on the mold with a hand for a thickness of 1 cm.

butter cookies on mold

Better and better – starting looking as cookies 🙂

5.Bake 15 minutes in 200 C or 380 F.


Cookies are small, so one coffee in their company is absolutely not a caloric sin 🙂


Result after spending some time in hot

And because I like to give gifts I prepared some tasty gifts for all my collegues in work.

my cookies in our office

Some marketing with tasty cookies