September and October was rich in countless number of birthday parties (I really think that cruel polish winters have a lot in common with that matter).

In my family home which is full of love, the best time is the time spent together in my mum’s kitchen with my mum’s homemade cake (necesserly in the kitchen, because there is something magical, despite deficit of chairs around the table).

Therefore I have never got a problem with finding a perfect present, because the best gift is to create an circumstances to gather friends and family by the birthday cake in this particular one day of the year.

Here I’d like to share idea for quick and universal cake.

I have used to make it mold with 18 cm diameter.


The first step is sponge cake, which preparation takes literally 10 minutes plus 40 minutes of baking.

przepis na najprostszy biszkopt

1. Mix Eggs and water at the highest speed till become fluffy and in light yellow colour (like in the photo above).

2.Add sugar in small portions, mixing constantly.

3.Afterwords add in small portions flour mixed with baking powder.

4.Bake 35-40 minutes in 200 degrees of C (390 F).


The next step is to make cream. Mine is lighter than typical cake cream, because I don’t use butter to make it (nevertheless those made from butter look better because it is easier to decorate them).

lekki krem do tortu

1.Whisk a whipping cream.

2.Mix mascarpone with a mixer at low speed by adding portions of whipped cream.

3.The cream is almost ready! Just add icing sugar and vanilla (I also added coconut shrims).

4.While combining cake slices I added pineaple pieces to cream.

*Tip:┬á You can also create other desserts from the cream ­čÖé

deser w szkle

Happy birthday !