Since I have been working with sushi enthusiasts, I have probably already familiarized myself with all the most popular sushi placec in the Tricity. During the last lunch, I was reminded of my unbelievable luck during my stay in the US when I met Yuko – a Japanese woman living in my neighborhood, who taught me how to professionally use chopsticks. To this day, I look with sentiment at our pictures from kitchen variations on Eagle Heights.

Yuko with her husband

To make great sushi I asked for help my friends from Japan – Yuko and her husband


There are many types of sushi, the preparation of which often takes some time, so it is a great opportunity to meet friends and create something in the kitchen together. I always have more pleasure in preparing and playing with chopsticks than in eating, and if I expect a sophisticated taste experience, I rely rather on Japanese masters owning sushi restaurants Gdansk.


Preparing sushi with Yuko


In my kitchen, I make futomaki at most times (bigger rolls with several ingredients), but recently I discovered that hosomaki (small rolls with one ingredient) are also a brilliant way to lunch for work, quite quick to make and “only those can be eaten by a lady”, because they are tiny, so they can be eaten “at once.”


What you need?

First of all, bamboo mat and sharp knife.

The most wonderful thing is that in every supermarket all the ingredients are in one place, so shoping doesn’t seem searching for the Golden Grail


Me and mine hosomaki

1.Boil rice according to the instructions on the packaging and wait until it cools down.

2.Prepare a sauce for rice: in 100 ml of rice vinegar, dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar (this amount is enough for 200g of dry rice).

3.Mix the sauce with rice.

4.Place the nori shiny side on the mat (use half of the lobe for single-component hosomaks).

5.Spread the rice on the surface leaving one end empty (it will be needed to stick the roll) – for hosomaks the rice layer should be as thin as possible.

6.Place the components closer to the end from which you will start rolling the roll.

7.Then cut into rings (hosomaki are clearly higher than futomaki).


Result 🙂