After today’s crazy Friday at work, for the beginning of weekend relaxation, I was fancy eating a warm and healthy dinner.

At least once a week I try not to eat meat, thus my dinner is 100% veg.


This is my idea how to make fulfilling, light and super-healthy supper, not losing ages in the kitchen at the same time.

1. Boil the broccoli cut into pieces (I steamed it).

2. Melt butter on frying pan.

3. Add smashed ginger (I used for that garlic press).

4. Sprinkle melted butter with flour and immediately mix in pan by wooden spatula.

5. Pour milk and boil for a while constantly mixing (boil as long as it becomes dense enough).

6.  After removing pan from fire, add the broccoli and dip it in the souce.


I served with walnuts and roasted pumpkin seeds.


And now with full stomach I can immerse myself in weekend madness ­čÖé

P.S. Did you know that according to scientific researches broccoli prevents cancer? And… It has just 30 kcal (it is 16 times less than chocolate)!