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When I started running?

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Two years ago It was impossible to convince me to run in a group. Technically even today I hate imposing me the pace by other runners. I had fallen in love with running after moving to Tricity. And when I had convinced myself to run in city running with huge group of people it became my passion (almost as big as swimming).
In the past my low blood pressure was nuisance for me, but thanks to running and improving lung efficiency I got rid of discomfort.
How to start running?
The best advice I’ve ever heard from my runner-friend is the FARTLEK
The same thesis confirmed Jeff Galloway in his book (Mental training for runners).

Mental training for runners

Galloway has created his own method based on fartlek, which is a perfect way either to get loving running or start to run after long break. The matter is to gradually getting out from comfort zone and slowly substitute walking by running. In the same way advanced runners prepare themselfs to marathons. The conclusion is: if you still don’t run you can soon finish marathon anyway!

Here you have couple tips from Galloway book which I consider as the most useful:

1. Food „Good level of sugar in blood=motivation”. If you train at the morning a one cup of coffee can be enough but if you feel you need increase sugar level it’s recommended to eat a light snack composed from carbohydratates and proteins in proportion 80/20 and drink a small glass of water. HERE is my idea for a before-training snack.

training snack
2. How to start after work? Get your sport outfit ready to change clothes directly after coming back home, eat a light snack, get out of home, cross the street, start walking and eventually running 🙂

3. Training diary – I use Endomondo. Progress, finished distances, burned calories – all of them are great motivation.

4. How to burn fat? Here G. reccommends fartlek or a slow running. During a long activity your oranism burn fat, not only glicogen stored in muscles. Moreover this kind of run rarely results in contusions and is more fun because it doesn’t force your body to tough effort in a short time but organises it equally.

5. Before the start in running event: Do not eat anything heavy the day before. If you can’t fall asleep in the night before – don’t worry it doesn’t affect your efficiency, and definitely you will totally wake up durring training. Directly before the run – eat a light breakfast and drink one cup of beverage.

warming up before the run
6. Celebrate: After each event celebrate with friends and family. Personally I add sauna and swimming the day after.


In his book I’ve read a great story about some sicky woman whose doctor recommended walking to increase her immunity. She very quickly noticed improvement of her condition and started training a running. She eventually finished marathon in Oregon in 85 age (Mavis Lindgren – you are my biggest inspiration!)

After my last run in Gdynia in my head poped up new dream: New York Marathon, that’s why I came back to Galloway’s book and now I plan to prepare myself in a few upcoming years to accomplish that! 🙂

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