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Popular slogans, persuade to proper hydration are not just a marketing commercial.
As our bodies consist mostly of water, it is the main environment of all biological processes.

I always start the day with a glass of water and it accompanies me throughout the day at work or on a journey.

glass of water


Here’s why water is so important in daily life:

1. Water affects not only our physical condition, but also a good mood and a beautiful appearance by leaching toxins out of the body.

2. Above all, thanks to the drinking of water, we refrain from filling the stomach with unhealthy snacks, the water also speeds up our metabolism
and helps in the digestion and assimilation of valuable ingredients from food.

3. Appropriate hydration improves the condition of the skin, gives it a firm and healthy color.

4. Providing too little water causes gathering it in the body (collecting water is a defensive reaction) so that our body becomes swollen.

5. The right amount of water improves the ability to concentrate, because proper hydration of the brain improves the functioning of nerve cells.

Cheers and water yourself! ­čÖé

water yourself

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